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Our support forum can help you finding answers of questions about our products, online shop and website. For this purpose we created category groups, which are partially write-protected, to give you information. Employ the such option for easy use.




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If you should not find an answer, feel free to put in your question in one of the open groups.






Because a day only has 24 hours we would be extremely happy about customers who help our new comers with a little support. So we have more time to develop our products.




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Old contributions, which are not necessary anymore because the problems are solved, will be deleted after a certain period of transition. The member having opened the topic will get a message.

Contributions fitting better into another thread will be displaced.




The following general rules have to be kept in the forum:


We are asking for a friendly tone within the forum.

Every member breaching the etiquette will be warned and excluded form the forum in case of recurrence.

Please search and read first before opening a new topic.

Please post only contributions regarding our products and beeing relevant, too.

We kindly ask you not to post general problems with receivers or with any other products. Therefore exist many other receiver forums which are mentioned on our list of supported receiver models and DVB PC TV Cards.

Please do not mail us problems additionally. We are looking up all the new receipts at the forum regularly.