Lossless processing of TV and camcorder recordings. Recordings from media libraries, YouTube or DVD are automatically converted for processing.

With DVR-Studio UHD you can process nearly all DVB receiver recordings without any loss in quality. TS, MTS, M2TS or AVCHD as well as manufacturer specific formats can be imported locally of via UPnP.

Get auto cut marks for commercial breaks and profit from an enhanced cut logic for manual processing.

The processing is absolutely lossless. An HD-recording of a movie is processed in just a view minutes.

Exports can be done as TS / M2TS format, into original receiverstructur, MPEG / MP4 or into elementary streams. Support of video formats SD, HD, UHD up to 4K in MPEG2, H.264 and H.265 (DVB-T2)

Export as Video DVD or BluRay with menu on disk or as ISO image.

Available AddOn: DVR-Recorder UHD 2




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