Design Concept


Intuitive, leading the way, recognition characteristics - these are just a few words describing the new design.




Export in device format


Convert your existing recordings into the specific format of your device. Regardless of the device a recording is taken from you can convert it into the format you want.




Support for UHD, HD and SD recordings


DVR-Studio HD supports standard definition television (SD), HDTV (HD, H264), HDTV (DVB-T2, H265) up to native UHD (4K, H265) including all video and audio formats.




Cut preview including sound and vision


You can play the area around cut-points and judge if they are placed correctly.




Teletext functions


Call a preferred page or search information within the teletext of your recording . Extract content or get the subtitle information.




Error detection


When recording from satellite there can be errors in recordings. The error scan finds errors and you can check and convert them into cut-areas.




3D - recordings


Processing of 3D recordings available in side-by-side or top-and-bottom technique as usual.




Using and import meta data


Collect movie information centralized for further steps:
EPG Data or teletext of the channel will be extracted automatically. Alternatively import movie informations by TheMovieDB.






We help you - of course after purchase, too. Further development, support for using our software, help with problems and a strong forum community provide added value to our product.




Output in file formats


TS, M2TS, Mpeg2, Mp4, demultiplexed ...
The source video format (MPEG2, H.264, H.265) will be lossless preserved.




UPNP Import


Transfer with parallel analysis and open recordings to process, directly from UPnP capable devices.




Player for UHD, HD and SD recordings


Load a recording and play it in DVR-Studio UHD. Use full screen mode during watching and automatically skip commercial breaks.




Re-ordering and exclusion of audio tracks


Some TV channels broadcast multiple audio tracks. You can re-order them, rename or set their language and exclude unwanted tracks, in order to reduce the size of the resulting export.




Automatic advertising scan


The new two-level analysis can detected advertising more reliable. You just have to check the created cut areas and maybe adapt them slightly - done.




Batch mode


With help of the batch mode it is possible to export several recordings in a selected file format at once.




Setting of screenshots out of the recording


Take pictures from the recording to use them as menu- or chapterbackgrounds.




Plugins for DVR-Studio UHD


Get out of it even more. Make use of additional features of perfectly integrated plugins.




Can be used completely offline or online


Get the best of both. If the software has internet connectivity it gets updates from all our well known services. But in case it doesn't you can even use it offline.