The fastest way to get it ...






Step 1: For a quick guid have a look at the support videos.
At the section "DVR-Products" we offer many videos teaching you the handling of our software. Just watch and replicate.


Step 2: Tooltips within the software:
By moving and remaining over a button the software will display a tooltip which contains its function name or short description to you.


Step 3: Call the interactive manual by pressing F1 key within the software
By pressing F1 key within the software the manual will open and directly show the page to you referred to the current position in the software. No need to read the whole summary.


Step 4: Get to know the structure of our support forum
The forum is devided into several sub categories to increase the possibility to find an entry referred to your issue without reading many unrelevant topics before.


Step 5: Find topics by using the search function of our support forum
In case you cannot categorize your issue make use of the search function to find what you are looking for.


Step 6: For problems with DVR-Studio HD use the support request
Make use of the integrated support request function of DVR-Studio HD for technical issues to transfer logs and sample files to us. Detailed description here.


Step 7: If you still have any question, contact us directly...
Contact us via email, phone or if you are customer, via message system within your customer area