We care for you.

In addition to the interactive manual within our products (press F1) and the support videos you have the possability to use the following instruments:






Exchange experiances with a fantastic community and our developers.

Our products recording your handling on your PC in a log file. If you have any question or problem this files help us to help you.

Support request in DVR-Studio HD:
Do you have a handlingproblem? Go to the part problamatic of your recording and set an automatic support request in "help & manual". The program will search for the relevant information by itself and load them to our server. (watch funktions for further information)



Messaging system:
Descripe your problem in your private customer area. Your message will achieve everyone from our team.

Response in the program:
Our program will inform you when an answer is available in your customer area.

Message to us via DVR-Studio HD:
Directly in the program you can send a mail to

In very difficult cases you can call us by phone.






We adjure you to try to solve your problem with the given prospects on your own. We have no underqualified callcenter employees. If you ask for help you will be supported by one of our delvelopers. Unfortunately there supporting time will limit there time to develop new options and features. Thank you!