We help you - of course after purchase, too. Further development, support for using our software, help with problems and a strong forum community provide added value to our product.









The manual is integrated into the program. Whenever you have got a question click the F1-button and the matching site of the manual wil appear.

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Update service


Starting the program will automatically check for new versions and give you the possability to download them.










Meanwhile we have a great community in our forum to exchange experiences and hints. Our developers can also be asked for help.




Support request


If you have a problem while handling a recording please set to the point where the problem exists and click "support request" in "support & manual". You will be ask for a description of the problem and the program will gather some systemdata like logfiles, screenshots, programsettinginformation, hardwareparameter and a cut-out of the recordingsettings (adjustable from 4MB to 20MB). All this data will be put on your desktop as a ZIP-file, so you can watch the data content. In a second step DVR-Studio HD loads this support request up to our server and informs our serviceteam about your request via mail.

In this way we detect changes of the format and can adopt them in a short time. The adjustment takes place on our server, where all anomalies are saved. In this way our customers do not realy realize this process and due to webservice there is no update needed normally.

A supportrequest can also be helpful to analyse new devices. If you have activated "add device information" the program will search for control files, file endings, file structures and headers. In this way we get information about new divices and can realise an exportation. Our database is continuous updated to support even very new divices.