Can be used completely offline or online


Get the best of both. If the software has internet connectivity it gets updates from all our well known services. But in case it doesn't you can even use it offline.









Quality ensuring for processing recordings:


We provide a large amount of data for special processing behavior of TV channels. This data is now already contained in the installation process. In case of an internet connectivity
the product updates its data automatically. Otherwise it will be updated when you install a newer version.




Up to date device-export-optoins:


We provide and update a list of devices and there processing parameters.
The latest version of this list will be delivered by the installer.
With internet connectivity DVR-Studio UHD 2 this list will be updated automatically while using the software.








Using the webservice you are able to search for support-videos and download them. Those videos are designed as if you would look over out shoulder.
(Only available, connected to the internet)




Up to date:


Being online, DVR-Studio UHD 2 will check for updates on closing the software.
The available version is included in your licence file. If you update the licence file your software will be able to give you an update hint even if it is offline.






Simplified clearance:


The registration is based on a registration file containing the usage period of the demo or full version.
With internet connectivity DVR-Studio UHD 2 will update its usage time daily. In case you can't or don't want to by online, it is possible to use DVR-Studio UHD 2 for 30 days offline. For Offline-PCs, you can always download a new registration file from your customer area.

Video: licence registration
Video: Demo-Usage




Multiple-shift usage:


You are allowed to register DVR-Studio UHD 2 on 2 PC with a single licence.

Video: Use a licence on two PCs.








The software generates a 64bit hash value for indentification of your PC. There are no personal data included. Your PC is anonymous, but can be uniquely referenced. In case of a full version your customer number will be displayed.




Automatic support request:


You are able to send us testfiles, problematic files and logfiles. The program creates a testfile from the environment within all required information in form of a zip-file. If desired the customer can watch the content of the file with only one click you can make a support request. In this way we get well structured information and we are able to reduce waiting times for our customers.
(Not available without internet)