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1. Request of information on distribution models

Send a short mail to Support@Haenlein-Software.com with the request of distributing our products or interest in cooperation.

We will send you information material concerning our distribution models.

If there are some questions left or you want to would like to have a conversation first do not hesitate to call us.


2. Register as customer

If you want to start a cooperation with us just register as customer (page before). When we manually checked point 3 your customer area will be enhanced for resellers.

Then the customer area will provide all relevant information and features necessary for you as reseller of Haenlein-Software.


3. Verification & affirmation

After completion of the registration you will get a customer number. This number in combination with the chosen password will get you access to your customer area. There you will be able to use all reseller functionalities after activation by us.

Send us an e-mail with you customer number and a copy of your trading licence. Further more fill and add the following information.

VAT no.:
Tax ID:

After a personal checking your account will be enhanced and within your customer area all necessary information concerning retailing are placed. You will get a response by us.