Become a reseller


This video shows the customer area of resellers and its options to earn money and provisions with the sale of our products.

Order and registration

Referred to:  DVR-Studio HD 1.x

Referred to:  DVR-Studio HD 2.x

Referred to:  DVR-Studio HD 3.x

Referred to:  DVR-Studio UHD 1.x

Referred to:  DVR-Studio HD 4.x


This video shows an order process of DVR-Studio HD: relevant data, payment method, pre-activation. After purchase is confirmed: change to full version, your customer area.

Customer acquires new customer


That's the way to get a premium for canvassing new customers.

General information about the website


This video shows how to use the search function and were additional information and help is placed.

Serialnumber has changed & Registration

Referred to:  DVR-Studio Pro 2.x


Testversion is indicated in spite of owning a Full version.

Return of licences


How to return an old licence for the declared residual value?

Using assets for an order


How can I buy an update? (Using my credit balance)

Premium systems


Premium systems and structure of the accounts current.