Product comparison


Get to know the differences between our latest products and their predecessor software.




DVR-Studio HD4 vs. DVR-Studio HD3:


1.  IMPORT: UPnP-Import with error- and ad scan as background process



2.  IMPORT: Player at UPnP-Import



3.  PROCESSING: Commercial scan with deep analysis



4.  PROCESSING: Internal player enhanced.



5.  PROCESSING: Recordings with AAC audio can be loaded.



6.  EXPORT: "Create HD Disk” enhanced:



7.  EXPORT: “Create SD DVD” with new options:



8.  EXPORT: “Recode” with DVD-Profile:



9.  MISC: Offline usage till processing starts:





DVR-Recode HD4 vs. DVR-Recode HD3:


1.  MPEG2 Encoder



2.  Plugin Compatibility





DVR-Compress 2 vs. DVR-Compress 1:


1.  HD Optimization



2.  Mutliusage of Plugin license managed by main product