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Recordings of PC DVB TV Cards can be edited by DVR-Studio HD ...


There exist DVB PC TV Cards which are able to record recordings using the TS format applying another software then the producer's and therefore work with our products. However, the DVB PC TV Card's accompanying producer software does NOT record recordings in the TS format, which is mandatory for the use of our products. You will need one of the listed software beneath for this purpose. If you have any question regarding those products, you will find further information at the producer's websites.


  Manufacturer   Software   Requirements   Website   Forum
  WinSTB   WinSTB   Requirements   Forum
  DVB Viewer   DVB Viewer   Requirements   Forum
  SCENEO   BonaVista   Requirements   Forum
  WatchTVPro   WatchTVPro   Forum


All here listed DVB PC TV Cards are able to record recordings in the TS format using one of the mentioned softwares above and therefore work with DVR-Studio Pro and DVR-Studio. In general, all other TV Cards with a "B2C2" chipset should do as well.