DVR-Studio HD 4.x


Handle your HDTV and SD-PAL DVB-recordings to create a Blu-Ray or DVD including a menu.



DVR-Provider 2.x


Manage videos in a local archive and stream them.



DVR-Recode HD4


This plugin for DVR-Studio HD 4 expands your export features by compression and optimization for mobile devices.



DVR-Capture 2.x


Capture your PC - Create videos of online video platforms, games plays or software presentations.



DVR-Compress 2.x


Optimize HD and SD recordings... The perfect add-on for DVR-Studio HD



DVR-TrueCover 1.x


Create own covers for your DVD or BluRay collection.



Product comparison


Get to know the differences between our latest products and their predecessor software.





Operating area •••


We offer DVR editing software for recordings like movies from harddisk of satellite receivers and DVB PC TV Cards of several brands mentioned above.